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Letter-writing to Reduce Copays

Tell your state insurance commissioner to help save phototherapy for psoriasis!

Letter-writing to reduce copaysCopayments for phototherapy—a treatment for people living with psoriasis—are skyrocketing.

Your insurance commissioner needs to hear from you! Currently, psoriasis patients are paying as much as $50 or more per phototherapy treatment. With three or more treatments a week, that's an out-of-pocket cost of approximately $600 dollars per month! This is unaffordable for many people with psoriasis and is preventing many from getting the treatments they need.

The National Psoriasis Foundation needs your help. If copayments continue to rise, psoriasis patients will be forced to go without this safe and effective treatment, and doctors may have to give up treating with phototherapy altogether.

Remember, your state insurance commissioner will respond to complaints about insurance coverage and needs to hear your story to understand why reducing phototherapy copayments is important to you. Please personalize your message with your own experience involving phototherapy. If you have not used phototherapy, please state your support for patients who do.

Making a difference is easy, just follow these simple steps:

Additional information on the nationwide campaign: 

Read about our state level initiative to reduce phototherapy copayments:

If you have questions about the campaign to reduce phototherapy copayments, contact the National Psoriasis Foundation at 800.723.9166, ext. 550, or