National Psoriasis Foundation

Strategic plan

National Psoriasis Foundation Strategic Plan
July 1, 2014-June 30, 2019

Our goals:

1. Accelerate discovery to cure psoriatic disease by:

    • Increasing the number of dollars invested annually by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to more than $19 million—a 50 percent increase;

    • Increasing the number of NIH scientists by 50 percent, for a total of 42 studying psoriatic disease;

    • Creating a community of 1,000 people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis who collaborate in research;

    • Initiating annual progress reports in key areas of psoriatic disease research such as, causes, diagnosis, prevention and cures;

    • Invest 30 percent or more of annual NPF expenses in research.

2. Dramatically improve health outcomes for all with psoriatic disease by:

    • Ensuring 77 percent of those with moderate to severe psoriasis and 62 percent with psoriatic arthritis are on the right treatment — a 50 percent increase;
    • Reducing from 59 to 30 percent the number of individuals who report their disease to be a problem in everyday life;

    • Initiating annual progress reports in key areas of psoriatic disease care and comorbidities;

    • Increase NPF professional membership to 1,700 health care providers.

3. Secure resources to achieve the mission by:

    • Generating $20 million in total revenue;

    • Maintaining a $3 million operating reserve;

    • Doubling the number of volunteers engaged with NPF mission to more than 13,200.