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Tell your teachers—Caregivers' Handout

Believe it or not, some grownups don't know about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis!

Some adults may have heard of psoriasis, but unless they have it, they probably don't know anything about psoriasis—how it's caused or how it's treated or even how it's pronounced! Some adults might even think it's contagious. You can help teach the grownups in your life the facts about psoriasis and how they can help you manage it. This handout is the perfect tool.

We also have a handout for grownups to teach them that arthritis isn't just something that older people get. Lots of kids have psoriatic arthritis, so make sure your teachers and coaches know about it with this handout.

  • To get started, download one or both of the handouts and print it out.

  • Print enough for all of your teachers, coaches, and friends' parents. Even your bus driver could probably use some information about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis!

Download the psoriasis handout
Download the psoriatic arthritis handout

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