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What to expect at your dermatologist appointment

When you go to see the dermatologist, they might do some of these things during your appointment:

Ask you about yourself, your skin problem and your concerns.

This is a good time to tell the doctor about any itching, burning or redness on your skin.

Test for anything that relates to the problem.

This may include taking a sample of tissue, so that the doctor can determine what is causing the irritation.

Explain the condition, treatment options and side effects of the medicine.

You or your parent may ask the doctor more questions about the treatments and side effects.

Tell your parent or guardian about the cost and time of the treatment.

You may need to return for more visits to the dermatologist. Sometimes, most of the treatment can be done at home to get rid of the lesions.

Perform a physical exam.

This is when the doctor will look very closely at your skin.

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