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Psoriasis Frontiers

Psoriasis Frontiers collaboration puts patients at the center of research

To expand patient involvement in research and better consider their needs when creating new therapies and devices to treat psoriasis, the National Psoriasis Foundation and LEO Pharma developed a sounding board of San Francisco psoriasis patients—known as Psoriasis Frontiers—who will meet with LEO Pharma scientists and become integrated into their research.

"National Psoriasis Foundation recognizes the need for patient insight into research and treatment development. This collaboration will allow people living with the disease to meet face-to-face with scientists creating the therapies they may use in their everyday lives," said Kathleen Gallant, chair of the National Psoriasis Foundation Outreach Committee and member of its Board of Trustees. "Who better to discuss product innovation and patient care than people affected by the disease?"

Psoriasis Frontiers will focus on the development of conventional pharmaceutical therapies, as well as discuss solutions in patient care such as patient engagement, diagnostic tools and digital technologies. The group's first task will focus on the needs of psoriasis patients in new drug formulations, devices and packaging.

"Patients have unique insights into their condition. That is why we are involving patients as active participants in our innovation process. In order to make a difference to the everyday lives of people with skin conditions, we want to gain an understanding of their challenges–and work together to find solutions," says Kim Kjoeller, senior vice president of global development at LEO Pharma.

—March 19, 2013

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