7 fall fashion tips for ladies with psoriasis

| Sabrina Skiles

I always look forward to autumn. Fall is all about breaking out the cozy fabrics like cashmere and pashmina and showing off those new ankle boots. It’s probably my favorite season to dress for because I’m not stressing out about my flare-ups as much, and I can be comfortable in the skin that I’m in while looking stylish.

Here are my top 7 fall fashion tips for ladies with psoriasis:

1.    Invest in a good denim jacket.

Who knew an ’80s trend would make a comeback?! You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket. My flare-ups don’t stand a chance in getting me down when I have my jean jacket on. It’s perfect to pair with light layers, tights and even a cute dress with boots. 

2.    Layer up with light-weight fabrics.

Stick with light-weight fabrics like pashmina, cashmere, rayon and soft knit. When the weather drops in degrees, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re still allowing your skin to breathe.

3.    All about the leggings.

These are all the rage right now, so have fun with it! And who wouldn’t feel good about themselves with the fun patterns and bright colors you have to choose from? Layer those leggings with tunics, long sweaters and vests, then you’re good to go!

4.    Cowl necks are the new turtlenecks.

If where you live winter means 60 degrees and flip flops, opt for large billow-y cowl necks. The great thing about these is that you can pair it over a lightweight long sleeve shirt, jeans and ankle boots and still feel fashion-forward and cozy for the cooler weather. If temps start to dip, throw on your denim or leather jacket, and you’re set for the night. 

5.    Boots for days.

Ankle, knee high, thigh high, short heel, high heel, fringe… the options are endless! Even when I’m having a flare, I’ll put on my favorite pair of boots and instantly feel better. So this season, put away the black boots and grab a funkier pair. A little change never hurt anyone!

6.    Mix textures.

Fall is probably one of the only seasons you can get away with mixing textures like pashmina and velvet, silk and cashmere. So have some fun with fabrics and textures, and your flare-ups will never know what hit them. Did I mention how chic you’ll feel? Who doesn’t need that in the winter?

7.    Don’t forget to accessorize.

Fall is the perfect weather for all those scarves and hats you’ve been holding onto. Scarves can make the perfect statement to any wardrobe. When I’m having a flare-up, I break out any of my scarves and it changes my whole day around. The winter can be particularly harsh on scalp psoriasis. If that’s your case, don a wide-brimmed hat or classic fedora, and you’ll be the life of the party. 

See? Dressing for cooler weather doesn’t have to be a drag. There are so many options, fun fabrics and accessories you can play with that will make you feel beautiful while braving the cold.

Photo credit: Todd Smith Photography 


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