Give Stock

A gift of securities, bonds or shares in mutual funds may allow you to make a larger gift than otherwise possible. This can provide a two-fold tax benefit. You won't pay capital gain tax on appreciated stock, plus you can receive a charitable tax deduction for the value of the donated stock.

To donate securities, please instruct your broker to make the transfer using the following information:

DTC number: 2803
Account number: 97353680
Tax ID: 93-0571472

Sam Pollach
Associate Director of Prospect Research & Data Management
Phone: 503-244-7404
Email: [email protected]

Please contact us or have your broker notify us of the transfer in advance, so we can provide you with a prompt acknowledgment to serve as your tax receipt. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Donor name
  • Donor address
  • Donor phone number
  • Name of security
  • Number of shares transferred
  • Planned date of transfer
  • Restriction on gift (if any)