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5 Reasons You Should Do a Facebook Fundraiser

The social media platform makes it easy to support NPF with your own personal fundraiser – without costing you a dime. Learn how you can make a difference with just a few clicks.

Let’s face it – even with the privacy concerns, spambots and endless selfies from acquaintances you barely even know, we’re still all on Facebook. And, despite the loss of office productivity and the rise of heated, pointless arguments, there is still good that can come from the world’s largest social media platform.

Facebook fundraisers are a smart, simple way to support your favorite nonprofit. Since Facebook launched its fundraising tools, more than 20 million people have donated more than $1 billion to charitable causes, according to the company.

Setting up your fundraiser takes only a few clicks. Here are the top reasons why you should start one today:

1. Your Fundraiser Will Help NPF Help Millions

NPF has a strong track record of using donations to their fullest potential and has been awarded a four-star rating (the highest possible score) by nonprofit watchdog Charity Navigator. That assures that every dollar your campaign generates directly supports our mission, including funding research to find a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. And thanks to Facebook waiving all fees, every dollar raised goes go directly to NPF.

Last year, we awarded $2.32 million in research grants and fellowships. The Patient Navigation Center served 10,600 people living with or affected by psoriatic diease. Thanks to our patient advocacy efforts, an estimated 3.2 million Americans are potentially receiving better health care coverage.

2. Make a Monstrous Impact with Minimal Effort

As of March, Facebook has 2.38 billion active users a month. That means you have a massive megaphone when it comes to fundraising. Besides advertising your fundraiser to your network, your campaign will also be shared with NPF’s Facebook page and our 76,000 followers.

3. Facebook Fundraisers Transcend Generations

Donating via Facebook is popular among people of all ages. Sixteen percent of millennials, 19 percent of Gen Xers and 21 percent of baby boomers use Facebook fundraising tools, according to You may be surprised at who supports your campaign – Grandma, a nephew, an old classmate.

4. Any Amount Can Make a Difference

Facebook fundraisers that support health nonprofits are wildly successful compared with charities in other sectors. The average Facebook donation for a health nonprofit is $37, according to the 2019 M+R benchmarks study. (Public media tied with health for the sector that yielded the highest average gift.)

But don’t be disappointed if your campaign attracts only a handful of contributors. Even if you raise only $20, that’s $20 the NPF wouldn’t have had without you. And that $20 helps us continue providing free educational resources to people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

5. It’s Your birthday – Share the Love

The beauty of the Facebook fundraiser is that it doesn’t cost you anything. People are giving to a cause you care about because they care about you on your special day.

Facebook makes it incredibly easy to fundraise in honor of your birthday. In a few clicks, you can have your own campaign up and running. Then sit back and watch the donations from your family and friends roll in. It’s also a great way to shine a spotlight on psoriatic disease and NPF for those who might not have had any exposure on the subject (while also not-so-subtly reminding others to wish you happy birthday).

How to Give When You’re Not on Facebook

If you’ve never signed up for Facebook or if you’ve cut that cord, you still have easy options. Instagram has recently launched a way for users to set up fundraising campaigns that functions similarly to Facebook.

Plus, there’s always the tried-and-true method of giving directly through the NPF website. Currently, our biggest research priority is to fund projects that will lead to the development of a diagnostic tool for psoriatic arthritis. At the moment, no such tool exists.

No matter how you want to contribute to NPF, your efforts are vital to the success of our organization’s goals. Thank you for your continued support.

Fundraise for Your Favorite Nonprofit

Help fund tomorrow’s psoriatic disease research with your own Facebook fundraiser next time your birthday rolls around. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and help support others’ fundraising campaigns.

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