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Come Together for World Psoriasis Day

Learn more about psoriasis as you connect with people who truly understand you.

Each year the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) joins with the global community of over 125 million people impacted by psoriatic disease to recognize World Psoriasis Day. This year NPF marks the October 29 event with a slew of ways you can get informed on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA), connect and share with others who know what you are going through, and even become a member of this vibrant NPF community at a special discounted rate.

Despite our physical distance, World Psoriasis Day brings us close. This global community is always looking out for each other. In this particularly challenging year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will all take a little extra sense of camaraderie and togetherness from this year’s event.

If something positive comes out of the global pandemic, perhaps it’s the proliferation of ways in which we can connect virtually, no matter our location on the planet. We hope you will explore our social networks, chat on Twill Care for Psoriasis with people like you, or find your own way to use virtual or digital connectivity to your advantage on this special day.

Be Informed

If one message ends up resonating with you during World Psoriasis Day, we hope that it’s the realization that a high quality of life is possible when you know your psoriatic disease and treatment options. Managing psoriasis or PsA and the systemic inflammation that can result in several comorbidities (related conditions or diseases) is essential to living your best possible life.

Whether you subscribe to Advance Weekly, our newsletter, or read through the resources available to you on our newly revamped website, NPF strives to keep you and our entire community informed on the latest in psoriatic disease research, treatments and disease management.

Being informed about psoriasis and PsA means understanding the added challenges of managing a chronic disease, including the toll taken on your mental health. There are emotional impacts to living with psoriatic disease, and because NPF understands the importance of addressing those impacts, we have created a guide to help you find a way forward. You are not alone, and we have tools to help you.


For all you Instagrammers out there, be sure you log on October 20, 22 and 27 to hear from people with psoriatic disease from across the globe as we hand over the keys to global social influencers. They each have a unique and touching story to share, and each person seems to be imbued with a sense of positivity in the face of the challenges of psoriatic disease.

If you are feeling crafty, we invite you to take part in our coloring activity. Yes, that’s right, we have a chance for you to color – on a phone screen or on a piece of old-fashioned paper. When you complete your masterpiece, we have a sticker for you. If you live in the U.S., we’ll mail you one of our actual stickers, whereas if you live outside the U.S., we have a digital version to share with you.

Looking to find others who know exactly what you experience with psoriasis or PsA? NPF is proud to offer you our official online community, Twill Care for Psoriasis. Connect with others and discover interactive tools to help you care for your mental health and thrive with psoriatic disease..

Join Us

In honor of World Psoriasis Day on October 29, we’re thrilled to offer you a $29 NPF membership. You receive all the benefits of membership at a discounted price! That includes a subscription to NPF Advance, our flagship magazine for people with psoriatic disease. You can take advantage right now, through the end of October.


Thank you for participating in World Psoriasis Day with NPF and our partners around the globe. With more than 125 million people worldwide experiencing psoriasis, you know you are not alone. This one special time of year, it’s important to come together in recognition and celebration of those who can understand and empathize with you. May you find your World Psoriasis Day to be an opportunity to better understand your disease as you connect with others around the world.


Thank you to our World Psoriasis Day sponsor, CeraVe.

Be Informed, Get Connected

There is so much going on during this special one-day event. Be sure to explore your opportunities to learn and connect.

Take part in World Psoriasis Day

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