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My New Go-To Tool

Finally, I’ve got a place to turn for quick connections to people who understand me and the challenges I face.

I initially thought that the Twill Care for Psoriasis app would be geared towards to the newly-diagnosed and that a lifer like me wouldn’t gain much. I am happy to admit I was wrong.

I really love the helpful, fun articles and the community that uses the app. I have come to rely on the stress tracker and symptom tracker, too. They are great tools that have helped me look through my own data to find trends and patterns with my skin and joints. 

The community aspect of the app has become the reason I keep coming back. The level of engagement I get from posts and the speed of responses from members, medical experts, and Twill support staff reminds me that I am not alone in this never ending journey with chronic disease. It is easy to open up and talk to people who understand and empathize with you.

The 2021 NPF Payer Roundtable Discussion - Navigating the Complexities of the Current Chronic Disease Care Landscape, summed up what life is like for folks like me:

“If psoriatic disease is left under-managed or untreated, it can lead to life-long physical and emotional impacts on those diagnosed, as well as significant economic burdens.”

I think Twill can really help people learn from each other so that we don’t each repeat the mistakes others have made. I also think it is a big help to have others to talk to about the life-long impacts of this disease on the body, mind, and even the wallet.

Now that Twill has become a go-to tool in my treatment and management toolbox, I feel like I have something to look forward to and a place to turn for quick connection.

No matter where you might be in your journey with psoriasis or PsA, I hope you will give Twill a try, and look out for me when you are on the app. I’d love to connect.

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Finally, an app specifically for those with psoriasis and PsA.

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