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National Psoriasis Foundation Stands with Science

At NPF, we stand with the scientists and researchers finding new paths to understanding disease and treatment.

In these times of uncertainty, we as a society are looking to our scientists, researchers, health care providers and policy experts to guide us leveraging the best information available. The scientific community is tirelessly researching and learning, striving to provide the most accurate and current information. As all this new information is being shared, it’s vital to keep in mind how important recognizing the strength of the evidence when making informed decisions.

The value of evidence-based research cannot be understated, and while sometimes this path to our destination may take longer, using this highly informed research to guide decision making ensures that the community receives the best information available at that moment. This type of research is more than one study, more than a researcher’s opinion- it is examining multiple studies, peer reviewed, controlled data and viewpoints and determining the best path forward.

The scientific process has been a source of revolutionary advancements, both in treatment and knowledge, and as we learn more we adapt, refine and benefit. But this process takes the expertise and experience of leaders in their fields, pioneers in thinking, and each with a dedication beyond measure.

In 1966, one of National Psoriasis Foundation’s founders, Beverly Foster, recognized the importance of psoriatic disease research and the group of patients she and her husband had organized began fundraising to support this research. This was the birth of the Psoriasis Society of Oregon, which would become the National Psoriasis Foundation in 1967. And in our 53 years since, supporting research has remained our top mission-related priority.

The NPF remains dedicated to furthering scientific knowledge for our psoriatic disease community. Our efforts include supporting research from discovery and “proof-of-concept” studies to disease diagnosis, prevention and remission, treatment optimization and patient-centered research. NPF emphasizes that science should support the needs and health of our diverse community. During this unprecedented pandemic, the NPF has closely monitored the evolving situation. We have formed the NPF COVID-19 Task Force, a group of experts in psoriatic disease, infectious disease, critical care, pediatrics and research to provide recommendations and guidance to our community based upon scientific data and evidence. Beyond these recent events, we stand behind the scientists and researchers who may be on the front lines or behind the scenes, finding new paths to understanding disease and treatment, who work tirelessly for our community.

The NPF supports evidence-based research.

NPF supports science.

Wilson Liao
, MD
Chair, NPF Scientific Advisory Committee

April Armstrong, MD, MPH
Chair, NPF Medical Board

Stacie Bell
, PhD
National Psoriasis Foundation
Chief Scientific & Medical Officer

Randy Beranek
National Psoriasis Foundation


Chip Newton
National Psoriasis Foundation
Chair, Board of Directors

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