The National Psoriasis Foundation’s Government Relations and Advocacy team has decades of experience driving policy change to improve patient health outcomes for those living with psoriatic disease – but we can’t do it alone! Every day, we work with passionate volunteers and patients living with the disease who write letters, share information on social media, advocate in front of legislators and contribute financially to help support NPF’s many programs, including advocacy work. Join us today and help us stimulate research into psoriatic disease and advance legislation that improves access to treatments and health care providers! Read more about NPF Advocacy »

Want to get involved with NPF Advocacy?

Getting involved in advocacy is as easy as signing up for our email list. Our collective voices have a huge impact, and we hope you will add your unique voice. The best part? Your journey living with psoriatic disease is all you need to get started!

Two of our main policy priorities include step therapy, also called fail first, and high out-of-pocket costs. In fact, though advocacy at the state level, NPF advocates have helped pass step therapy and out-of-pocket reform in 12 states and are targeting 16 states in 2019. However, the NPF Government Relations and Advocacy team is constantly watching for state and federal policy areas that impact the psoriatic disease community and seeks out new opportunities to improve the lives of individuals with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.

To continue making positive change, we need your unique voice! Click the take action button to sign up for advocacy email updates and learn about ways you can get involved.

If becoming an advocate seems daunting, do not worry! We have many opportunities for you to engage in advocacy. To learn about our regional Advocacy Action Networks, click here. If you have a specific question for our Government Relations and Advocacy team, you can email them by clicking here.

We look forward to working with you!