The calm after the storm

| Katherine Southwick

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When Irma Rivera relocated to Orlando, Florida, after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, she experienced a painful flare. She believes that the change in weather, combined with her fear of the “unknown,” triggered the breakout. “My skin was red, and when it opened up, it looked like I was burned. I couldn’t bend over or touch things. And when I did, my skin broke, which was extremely painful,” recalls Rivera, who has had psoriasis for more than 20 years.

To make matters worse, Rivera had lost her health insurance when she left her teaching job in Puerto Rico and was unable to access anything but over-the-counter topicals. Immediately, Rivera began calling dermatologists in the Orlando area. “No one would see me because I didn’t have an insurance plan,” she says. “I was so scared that nothing was going to work. And that’s when I called NPF.”

Navigating uncharted territory

An avid reader of NPF’s website and blog, Rivera was already familiar with the Patient Navigation Center. She called and was connected to Mercy Rivera, a bilingual Patient Navigator. Rivera explained that, without insurance, she was treating her psoriasis with topicals, which weren’t working for her current disease severity.

Mercy helped Rivera outline her options and suggested contacting her dermatologist in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for advice. Rivera got a hold of her dermatologist by phone, even though his office wasn’t open because of the hurricane. He referred her to another dermatologist, Jose R. Gonzalez Torres, M.D., whom she was able to see during a planned visit back to the island to check on her mother. Torres prescribed Rivera a biologic and gave her the first injection at no cost. Immediately, she says her symptoms began to improve.  

Without insurance, Rivera worried she couldn’t afford the medication. That’s when Mercy sent her information on the drug's prescription financial assistance program. A few weeks later, Rivera was approved and self-injected the next dose at home. “Talking to Mercy was a great relief. I feel so grateful to know the Foundation is here for me.”

Clear skies ahead

Months after Hurricane Maria, Rivera reports nearly clear skin. “Before, I was about 80 percent covered. Now, I don’t even notice anything,” she says. 

During the time Rivera was working with NPF, she secured a job as a second grade and ESL teacher at an international school in Orlando. The mother of four describes her work as “stressful,” but she’s “learning a lot.” 

Throughout her journey, Rivera has also learned a great deal about living with psoriasis. “I believe you have to take care of your body,” she says. “Psoriasis is something serious, not something you can control yourself. You have to go to the doctor! It’s a condition that can get you really depressed [if left unmanaged]. It makes you want to get away from society because you’re feeling different.”

Rivera also encourages people not to settle for a treatment that isn’t working. “Find a doctor who cares about you and is willing to try something that works,” she says. “When something doesn’t work, tell them you don’t want it anymore and find something that does work. If you don’t, you’re going to get yourself into a situation that’s not good.”

Treat your psoriasis seriously

NPF’s Patient Navigation Center wants to empower you to take your disease seriously and treat it appropriately. Contact us for free, personalized assistance today in English and in Spanish.

Driving discovery, creating community

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