Access to Care

Coverage denied? Here's what to do.

It’s hard to hit your treatment goals if you’re denied coverage of your medication. What should you do if your insurance won’t cover your treatment? The Patient Navigation Center shares six tips to help you take charge!

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States delay accepting health insurance rates for 2018

Uncertainty about how long the White House will subsidize insurers’ participation in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has trickled down to the states. This has resulted in several states pushing back deadlines for insurers to submit rates for plans in 2018. These states have pushed insurers' deadlines because the insurers need more time. (The states approve rates based on what insurers submit.

U.S. Senate releases new health care bill

After much anticipation, on June 22, the Senate released its long-awaited bill to repeal or significantly alter much of the Affordable Care Act. Known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act, it has a number of components that are similar to the American Health Care Act the House of Representatives passed in May. Senate leadership have expressed a desire to vote on this bill during the coming week, before the Senate adjourns for its scheduled July 4 recess.

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The story of our nationwide Advocacy Action Networks

Nothing is as powerful as a group of concerned citizens visiting their senator or representative.

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NPF on the front lines at Advocacy Day in Florida

Advocates from the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) and Arthritis Foundation (AF) headed to Tallahassee, the Florida state capitol, on April 4 to show their support and advocate for the passage of House Bill 877 and Senate Bill 530. Passing legislation to curb step therapy protocols has been a multi-year effort headed by a large coalition of patient and provider groups. Although it has been a challenging journey, many hope our tireless work in Florida will come to fruition this year. 

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NPF helps educate lawmakers on Iowa Fail First Advocacy Day

In March, we traveled to Iowa to explain to lawmakers the problems step therapy poses for people with psoriatic disease.

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The true cost of step therapy legislation

Without step therapy, any initial rises in drug costs would be offset by long-term savings in patient care.

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NPF wraps up successful Ohioans for Step Therapy Reform Advocacy Day

In February, we showed Ohio lawmakers what happens to the psoriatic disease community when they are subjected to harmful step therapy protocols.

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NPF advocates meet with legislators on Texas Step Therapy Lobby Day

Our State Government Relations team won't stop fighting for the passage of legislation that will stop harmful step therapy practices, but we can't do it without your support!