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Citizen Pscientist: First report of 2016

The enthusiasm for our people-powered, global research network continues to spread.

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Vitamin D may be lacking in some people with psoriatic arthritis, study finds

Researchers recommend that patients work with their doctors to make sure they’re getting enough of the “sunshine vitamin.”

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Over 74,000 questions answered

Plenty of labs, big-name institutes and major universities have unveiled global research campaigns. But we may be one of the few that ever launched the same kind of effort with non-scientists running the show.

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Psoriasis or not, he’s a Cure Champion

“It’s easy to be an observer, but I wanted to take part and make a difference." 

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Biologic without injection? There might be a patch for that

A team of researchers, funded in part through the National Psoriasis Foundation, is developing a new device that will allow biologics to be applied through a skin patch.

Meet NPF’s Patient Navigators

Come along as we take you on the first-ever tour of the Patient Navigation Center.

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Advocate in two worlds

Barbara Butler of St. Louis, Missouri, is no stranger to dealing with people in authority.

She was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus when she was 22. She turned this diagnosis into an opportunity by becoming an advocate for lupus patients and their families. She was an original member of the Board of Directors for the Lupus Foundation of America.

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NPF's far-flung family set to reunite in Chicago

Join us this August as we host volunteers and psoriatic disease scientists under the same roof.

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Remembering Dr. Kirk Wuepper (1938-1994)

An early researcher into psoriasis genetics helps make the first tissue bank a reality.

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Remembering Dr. Kenneth M. Halprin (1931-1995)

When NPF was born, Halprin gave us the credibility we needed to survive and thrive.