All about NPF

Meet NPF’s Patient Navigators

Come along as we take you on the first-ever tour of the Patient Navigation Center.

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NPF's far-flung family set to reunite in Chicago

Join us this August as we host volunteers and psoriatic disease scientists under the same roof.

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Remembering Dr. Kirk Wuepper (1938-1994)

An early researcher into psoriasis genetics helps make the first tissue bank a reality.

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Remembering Dr. Kenneth M. Halprin (1931-1995)

When NPF was born, Halprin gave us the credibility we needed to survive and thrive.

Una fuerza permanente para la igualdad – en dos idiomas

Navegadora bilingüe para el paciente, Mercy Rivera, comparte como defiende a todas las personas impactadas por la enfermedad psoriásica – en inglés y español. 

A lifelong force for equality – in two languages

Bilingual patient navigator Mercy Rivera shares how she advocates for all people impacted by psoriatic disease – in both English and Spanish.

Why you should attend this year's NVC

Guest vlogger Alisha Bridges (winner of the Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award in 2015) explains how our National Volunteer Conference changed her life.

Road trip!

When you’re a kid or teen with psoriasis, you can feel self-conscious, scared and angry. And very often, you feel alone – like no one understands what you are going through.

Thankfully, there is a place just for you. A place where you can meet other kids and teens from across the country, learn about your disease and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Plus you’ll have a whole lot of superhero fun while doing it. That place is the National Psoriasis Foundation’s National Volunteer Conference, Aug. 4-5, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois.'s picture

A look back at our Patient Navigation Center's first year

Patient Navigator Sara Conyers shares her experiences and highlights from the past year.

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NPF highlighted in Consumer Reports

We placed among the highest-rated charities for making the best use of your money.