11 must-have lotions under $12

Not all moisturizers are created equal when it comes to soothing your psoriasis. Smear it on thick with these affordable drugstore picks.

It's not too late to get your flu shot

Doctors urge patients with suppressed immune systems to get yearly influenza vaccinations. This means you.  

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Be Joint Smart opens doors

We invite you to be there when we gather the experts in one room to talk about PsA and a healthy lifestyle. 

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When psoriatic disease invades the office

Our guest blogger uses her voice to help people understand her disease.

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Achieving wellness goals with support from a coach

The Patient Navigation Center helps a young woman plan for the future and set attainable health goals.

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How to set attainable health goals for the new year

Learn how to make goals you can actually achieve – and how to stay motivated when you fall short.

Quiz: How can winter affect your psoriatic disease?

Before temperatures plummet, test your smarts with a quick true or false quiz.

PsA Q&A with rheumatologist R. Peter Bonafede

Learn more about PsA symptoms, treatment and disease management in this Facebook Live video interview!

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Overcoming challenges in the workplace

PsA doesn't have to create roadblocks for your career or limit your ability to work.

Smart exercises for PsA

Finding a good workout routine will help improve your psoriatic arthritis. We’ll show you how to keep things simple and safe.