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5 super simple ways to become a healthier you

When you're living with psoriatic disease, it's important add simple things to your routine that promote overall wellness.

Regular physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, can help you increase your energy, reach and maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of developing other chronic health conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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How to prep for outdoor workouts with psoriatic arthritis

Whether you're gearing up for a Team NPF event or simply busting a move outdoors, keep these tips in mind if you have psoriatic arthritis.  

Troubleshooting the gym with psoriatic arthritis

Exercise is good for you, but having PsA means you need to take extra precautions for a safe workout.

4 ways to fight stress for those with psoriatic arthritis

Living with psoriatic arthritis is stressful enough as it is! Keep calm and carry on with these helpful tips for fighting stress and anxious thoughts.

My nighttime beauty ritual for living with psoriasis

Wellness coach and guest vlogger Nitika Chopra shares her top tips for waking up feeling beautiful and refreshed.

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Shaving tips for psoriasis on the face

Guest blogger Simon Jury offers advice on how to wash your face and master a close shave without triggering a flare. 

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Finding the right shoes for palmoplantar psoriasis

Choosing the right footwear can make all the difference when you have palmoplantar psoriasis.

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New psoriasis treatment Enstilar available in pharmacies

There’s a new topical treatment sitting on pharmacy shelves. Enstilar, a foam that was approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in October, is now available in pharmacies.

Delivering relief

Gift-of-the-month club PatchBox is spot on when it comes to personalizing products for its psoriatic subscribers. 

Keep your heart happy over the holidays

Feast your eyes on these healthier versions of classic seasonal treats.