She's not so unusual

NPF, Cyndi Lauper and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. host a live Twitter chat on World Psoriasis Day 2015.

There's more to Meatless Monday than cutting the meat

This week's wellness challenge incorporated SO many important wellness principles. Given half a chance, your body will focus on healing itself.  By tuning into your inner peace, eating the right foods, thinking positive thoughts and making beneficial habits, you can alter your life in wonderful ways.

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Yoga and psoriatic arthritis: How it helps

Not only can yoga relieve sore joints and boost flexibility, it can also lift your mood.

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Coping and connecting with psoriasis

Katie Morse has faced the discrimination people with psoriasis face. Other kids called her names. She had to get a note from her dermatologist to prove to school authorities (and to the other parents) that she should be allowed in gym class.

She cries when she remembers the retail job where she wore fingerless gloves to hide the backs of her hands. People still recoiled when she touched them, their merchandise, or their money. “They didn’t want me to help them!”

Psoriatic disease and pregnancy: How to prepare

Emily’s call to MotherToBaby came in late at night.  Her voicemail message sounded a bit garbled, almost as if she had been crying.  I returned her call the next day and heard her anxious voice say, “My psoriasis flared up last week … it’s been several years. I’m really worried because I just found out I’m pregnant.”  

I replied calmly, “Emily, I’m glad you called MotherToBaby for information. We care about you and your baby!”