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How music helped me cope with psoriasis

Many people with psoriasis are reluctant to talk about their condition. I know because I was once one of them. Now that I’m older, I feel like I must be a voice for those who don’t want to because they’re too embarrassed or it’s too painful for them to share their feelings.

I was a shy kid and being diagnosed with psoriasis didn’t help. Just as I became a teenager with all its awkwardness, my skin became covered with plaques that made me ashamed of how I looked and embittered at having a disease that caused others to stare.

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The wake-up call I needed

Musician and guest blogger Frank Doris knew that he was at risk for comorbid conditions related to psoriatic disease. He didn’t think much of it until he nearly lost his life. 

'I have psoriatic arthritis. It does not have me.'

A former model fights back against PsA and embarks on a new life.

My first "Treat to Target" experience

In the start of this multi-part series, guest blogger Howard Chang walks us through his first dermatologist visit following the release of NPF’s new Treat to Target recommendations. 

How I live with psoriasis every day

Guest blogger Josephine Beck shares practical tips for how she treats her psoriasis using natural methods.

Thinking outside the ‘psoriasis box’

How guest blogger Sheila Rittenberg’s frustration about psoriasis led to a serious medical discovery.

My life with psoriasis as a person of color

People of color living with psoriasis are sometimes misdiagnosed. Guest vlogger Alisha Bridges recounts her own experience.

The Presentation

Keeping up appearances isn't easy when you're living with psoriasis, as the writer and poet, R J Sobel, reveals in this week's guest blog.

Don't make this mistake when your biologic fails

Psoriasis patient and guest vlogger Alisha Bridges has some sound advice for what NOT to do when you suspect your biologic is no longer effective.

How I gained the upper hand on my acropustulosis

Traveling musician and guest blogger Ashley Norton shares her experiences living with a rare, debilitating form of psoriasis that affects her fingers.