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How music helped me cope with psoriasis

Many people with psoriasis are reluctant to talk about their condition. I know because I was once one of them. Now that I’m older, I feel like I must be a voice for those who don’t want to because they’re too embarrassed or it’s too painful for them to share their feelings.

I was a shy kid and being diagnosed with psoriasis didn’t help. Just as I became a teenager with all its awkwardness, my skin became covered with plaques that made me ashamed of how I looked and embittered at having a disease that caused others to stare.

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"How I finally cleared my skin"

His goal of treatment, the dermatologist told me during an interview for Psoriasis Advance, was to give psoriasis patients clear skin with the fewest side effects possible. It was 2014, and I’d been working for NPF as a freelance writer for only a few months. I’d been a professional medical journalist for more than a decade, but until recently had avoided writing about psoriasis, which I’d had since childhood, because I feared it would make me dwell on my disease.  

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Coming of age with psoriasis

For guest blogger Melissa Leeolou, growing up with psoriasis means constantly redefining what makes her confident.

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How to survive pregnancy when you have psoriasis

Guest blogger Sabrina Skiles offers seven easy tips to help you keep your sanity.

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Severe psoriasis and uncooperative insurers can’t stop Howard Chang

Our guest blogger takes action based on his personal mantra, ‘Don’t give up!’ 

Q&A on psoriasis, family and fatherhood

A married couple tells their story about raising children while managing a chronic disease.

"Siempre hay un rayo de luz"

Blogger invitado Lester Motes Triana encuentra esperanza, respaldo y recursos para acceder un tratamiento nuevo atreves del Centro de Navegación del Paciente de NPF.

"There’s always a ray of sunshine"

Guest blogger Lester Motes Triana finds hope, encouragement and access to a new treatment through NPF’s Patient Navigation Center.

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The wake-up call I needed

Musician and guest blogger Frank Doris knew that he was at risk for diseases related to his psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. He didn’t think much of it until he had a heart attack.

'I have psoriatic arthritis. It does not have me.'

A former model fights back against PsA and embarks on a new life.