My Story

My first "Treat to Target" experience

In the start of this multi-part series, guest blogger Howard Chang walks us through his first dermatologist visit following the release of NPF’s new treatment recommendations. 

How I live with psoriasis every day

Guest blogger Josephine Beck shares practical tips for how she treats her psoriasis using natural methods.

My life with psoriasis as a person of color

People of color living with psoriasis are sometimes misdiagnosed. Guest vlogger Alisha Bridges recounts her own experience.

The Presentation

Keeping up appearances isn't easy when you're living with psoriasis, as the writer and poet, R J Sobel, reveals in this week's guest blog.

Don't make this mistake when your biologic fails

Psoriasis patient and guest vlogger Alisha Bridges has some sound advice for what NOT to do when you suspect your biologic is no longer effective.

How I gained the upper hand on my acropustulosis

Traveling musician and guest blogger Ashley Norton shares her experiences living with a rare, debilitating form of psoriasis that affects her fingers.

My first date ritual for living with psoriasis

Wellness coach and guest vlogger Nitika Chopra shares her best tips for calming her nerves before a first date.  

Flaky yet fabulous

Irish guest blogger Helen Hanrahan doesn't let psoriasis get in the way of her passion for fashion.

I am not my spots

Hello, my name is Elissa Weinzimmer, and I have guttate psoriasis. 

I think my first spots were diagnosed when I was 3 or 4. Growing up in California, they didn’t bother me much, so I didn’t think of the condition as anything more than a nuisance. However, over the past five years, I’ve gone through some major life changes, and I’ve had two big stop-me-in-my-tracks flares of psoriasis. 

I happen to be a very holistic person. I’m a voice and movement teacher, a yogi, a meditator, and on my earthy-crunchier days, a so-called “hippie.” 

Sabrina Skiles's picture

5 summer fashion tips for ladies with psoriasis

From flowy maxi dresses to playful prints, guest blogger Sabrina Skiles shares her favorite fashion staples for a chic summer wardrobe.