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Dealing with flakes at work

What are people at work thinking about you? Turns out they probably aren’t.

My 61 years with psoriasis

Guest blogger Bundy Boit has never let the condition of her skin interfere with the passions of her life.

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When psoriasis triggers my insomnia

Even after the itching and aching of psoriatic disease subside, the mind can still play tricks on you and keep you from getting a proper night’s sleep. Guest blogger Simon Jury knows this all too well.

Psoriasis and becoming a dad

Psoriatic disease vlogger and YouTube sensation Huy Ngo weighs in on fatherhood and how a new baby influenced his decision to try a new treatment.


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Putting my best foot forward

It’s sticky-hot, 70s and high humidity, and my feet have a mind of their own - they’re taking me past my parked car and toward the sparkling waters of Lake Michigan’s West Grand Traverse Bay. Water. Cold, refreshing water. 

I come to the end of the street, sweet bakery smells greeting me as I run past a local shop and turn the corner taking me closer to the beach. I stop at the crosswalk, then sprint across the busy road, keeping up a steady pace until I reach the quiet, sandy shore.

How clinical trials helped me

Guest blogger Todd Bello discusses the risks and rewards of participating in clinical trials. 

4 tips to help you stay on the move with psoriatic arthritis

Guest blogger and certified holistic health coach Julie Cerrone shares her ideas on how to be physically active 

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7 tips for surviving pregnancy with psoriasis

Guest blogger Sabrina Skiles has some candid advice for all the mommies-to-be in the psoriatic disease community. 

Psoriatic arthritis won't slow me down

A psoriatic arthritis diagnosis didn't stop our guest blogger Mark McGraw from staying active and doing what he loves most: climbing mountains.

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How I cope with the emotional impact of psoriasis

Healing the body is one thing, but healing the mind is another. Lori-Ann Holbrook shares her top tips for surviving the emotional roller coaster of living with psoriatic disease.