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How to beat the late-winter blahs

Repeat after us: It can't stay gray forever. Let's look back at two consecutive weekends in September 2017, when nearly 800 people raised $156,000 in almost-perfect summer weather. They walked to raise awareness, strengthen our community and beat psoriasis. Join us for a Team NPF event near you.

NPF funds accelerate research to cure psoriatic disease

We have invested more than $17 million in research since 1987 and show no signs of slowing down.

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Double your impact on Giving Tuesday

Your charitable gifts will help us fund the research that will help children with psoriatic disease. Bonus: Donations will be matched!

Advocacy's fight for common-sense patient protections

NPF’s Advocacy team works with federal and state lawmakers and other patient groups to overcome barriers to care. You can help.

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Katie Lowes is ready for her close-up

Before Katie Lowes landed her role as Quinn Perkins in the political drama “Scandal,” she played Tina in the film “Super 8.” Who was Tina? “Tina may have been the most fun I ever had on a set,” Lowes recalled. “I played the girl with her hair in curlers who ran through a cave and got eaten by the monster.”

That was in 2011. Around that time, Lowes almost got eaten by another monster: psoriasis.

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Mentors build community and spread hope

Volunteers from the mentoring program Psoriasis One to One fight the isolation of psoriatic disease.

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Where are they now? (The fundraising edition)

In the third installment of this four-part series, we check in with people who were active in the NPF community years ago to see how they’re doing today.

How much do you know about psoriasis treatment options?

How much do you know about psoriasis treatment options? Take our quiz to test your psoriasis treatment IQ!

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Psoriasis in her teens couldn’t slow her down

Sheila Solomon Shotwell meets the challenge of psoriasis – onstage and off.

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Youth Ambassadors advance NPF’s goals

You’re never too young to go to bat for people with psoriatic disease.