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The intersection of art and psoriasis

Art can be decorative: splashy colors on a wall or a sober sculpture in a garden. But art can also educate. Two art projects, one created by a Chinese design student in New York City and the other by four artists in the U.K., tell the world a lot about what it’s like to live with psoriatic disease.

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PsA ends a woman’s career – and hands her a cause

Pattie Barry became a nurse so she could help others. When nursing became impossible, she found a whole new way to give back.

Top 11 marathon training tips

A veteran of Team NPF Run offers ideas to carry you all the way to the finish line on race day.

Longtime friend and philanthropist leaves significant scientific legacy

A lifetime of psoriatic disease propelled A. Marilyn Sime's search for the answer.

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Ready to retire – and for a new challenge

Golda Falloon was looking for something to do in retirement. Luckily, she found NPF.

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A ‘superstar’ of biologic drug development

Her mother’s psoriatic disease helped to put Alice Gottlieb on her career path as a scientist.

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Volunteer with NPF and you might just see the world

Kathleen Gallant’s volunteer career took her far beyond her native Pittsburgh.

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The woman who walked in the door and changed everything

Sheri Decker started as a volunteer. Over the next 30 years, she would help transform NPF into the organization it is today.

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The first geneticist dedicated to psoriatic disease

Anne Bowcock’s discovery jolted research in the field.

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Psoriatic Psuperhero of the written word

Sheila Solomon Shotwell gives kids with psoriatic disease something they’ve never had before – a book for and about them.