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Imagine having psoriasis on a stage, under the lights

Scalp psoriasis hasn't stopped budding actress Alyson Wren Tharp from pursuing her dream. 

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Marching to his own drumbeat

Raging psoriasis can’t stop this young composer from making music every day.

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'I control psoriasis. Psoriasis doesn't control me.'

Psoriatic disease made Brian Lehrschall more empathetic and more motivated to fight on behalf of the next generation. That's why he became an NPF Community Ambassador.

My life as a body painter

For thousands of years, people around the world have used their skin as living, breathing art canvases. From tattoos and piercings to henna and scarification, body art is a cultural staple for individual, social and spiritual expression. 

When you think about it, everyone has a highly personal and sometimes very complicated relationship with their skin. (Those with psoriasis know this all too well.) The good news is we can use art to express our feelings, including our feelings about psoriasis.  

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Psoriasis treatment wins "Shark Tank"-style competition

Ever watched the show “Shark Tank”? Hopeful entrepreneurs and inventors stand in front of a panel of seasoned moguls and try to sell them on their idea. Sometimes they get a cold rejection and sometimes they get useful advice. Only the lucky few get financial support to help them move their idea forward.

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5 ways Cyndi Lauper is just like you

The Grammy-, Tony- and Emmy-Award-winning singer, actress and activist spoke candidly with NPF at a recent appearance in Washington, D.C.

Psoriasis vlogger Huy Ngo answers our nosiest questions

When Colorado resident Huy Ngo started a video blog about his psoriasis, he not only attracted thousands of followers, he gained thousands of friends.