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Does your psoriatic disease drug cost too much? Join the club!

Today’s psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis treatments can do amazing things. They can clear skin almost completely, halt the progression of joint damage from psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and make it possible to live full and active lives.

They can also make you downright broke.

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Another step toward keeping phototherapy available and affordable

Every time a new treatment for psoriatic disease becomes available, you know that a lot of hard work has paid off. Scientists, physicians and groups like the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) have come together to achieve progress that you can see. But sometimes, all that hard work pays off to achieve results that you never see.

How the ACA ruling affects millions with chronic disease

Supreme Court ruling preserves access to care for millions of Americans regardless of which state they call home.

Is your treatment getting denied?

If you are having problems accessing your medications, NPF Patient Navigators can work with you to help appeal an insurance denial and make sure you stay on your treatment.