For Team NPF, it’s (almost) summer and the livin’ is easy

| Steve Bieler

Have you ever dreamed of cycling the beautiful wine country of the West Coast and doing some wine-tasting after your ride?

Have you ever imagined yourself yelling “Bingo!” and dominating the room with your Daubers of Doom?

Have you ever pictured yourself running marathons and boring everyone at the office with your tales of running straight up the side of a mountain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Team NPF can help you turn your dreams into reality. (If you answered no, you should get of the house more often.)

Our summer schedule is lined up and ready to go. We’ve got fun, we’ve got merch, we’ve got friends you haven’t even met yet. Most important, we’ve got a mission: Turning psoriatic disease into a footnote.

All you have to do is find an event in your area, sign up and get your friends and family to support you. This summer, we’re going to hop on our bikes, pull on our running shoes and play bingo. We’re even going bowling.

Mount up!

We put our first Team NPF Cycle event on the road in August 2015. This summer, we’ve organized seven rides. The ride in Parker, Texas, has already passed, but fear not, riders – you still have a banquet to choose from:

May 7, Coronado, CA
May 13, Water Mill, NY
May 20, Ringoes, NJ 
June 4, Maple Park, NY
June 10, Calistoga, CA 
June 18, Independence, OR 

Pak Meng Cham of Plano, Texas, doesn’t stop at riding with Team NPF Cycle – he also designed the routes for the ride out of Parker. Cham has been riding for about eight years, ever since he moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He rides with the Greater Dallas Bicyclists and goes to lots of bike rallies. 
Everyone seems to have their own favorite training routines or tricks they use to get in the game, but Cham said, “I ride year round so I don’t really ‘train.’ I also have a busy work schedule and some unplanned business trips. They tend to disrupt any training plan. I make sure I have a long ride in the weekend and put in some short rides during the week whenever I can. That seems to work well for me.”

(To find out what happened when a gentleman who hasn’t done all the riding Cham has done came out to ride with Team NPF, check out the saga of Michael Braun.)

Pak Meng Cham on the road in Parker, Texas.

Cham rides not for himself, but for “a very good friend of mine” who has psoriasis. He raised $1,000 riding in the Parker event. He believes that everyone should hop on a bike. “Being active and having a healthy life style are basic for everyone,” he said.

Remember: If you can’t find an event you like, or if our events are too far away, you can make up your own through Team NPF DIY. If you can dream it, we’ll help you bring it. Get out of the house. Join us!


Driving discovery, creating community

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