Capitol Hill Day

Each year, the NPF and our dedicated volunteers visit Washington D.C. to advocate for policies that improve access to care. In this virtual world, we are using online tools to speak directly with lawmakers.

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This year, we are asking Congress to:

  • Address pandemic-related access and funding challenges, including extending inter-state access to telehealth access beyond the public health emergency and supporting the RISE Act (H.R. 869 / S. 289) to jumpstart NIH research projects that were stalled due to the pandemic.
  • Cosponsor the Safe Step Act (S. 464 / H.R. 2163) to create commonsense guardrails for step therapy.
  • Support a Medicare Part D Out-of-Pocket Cap and smoothing mechanism to reduce out-of-pocket costs for seniors, especially those taking biologics. Learn more.

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A Mainstay of Modern NPF Advocacy Efforts

Rick Seiden chats with the editor about advocating with NPF.

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Standing Up for Others

As a nurse, Cynthia Heaton saw the lengths patients had to go to in order to get the care they deserved.

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Moving State Momentum to the Federal Level

A timeline of step therapy reform and the reintroduction of the Safe Step Act.

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Why NPF Capitol Hill Day Matters

A special message from members of the 2021 Capitol Hill Day Committee

I am excited to virtually meet with our representatives to voice our concerns and let our voices be heard. No matter how small you may think your voice is together we create a roar to be heard. - Jenn Pellegrin

I met with Rep. Nadler’s staff last year on Capitol Hill Day and got a commitment for him to co-sponsor. Knowing I directly contributed to my Member signing on to the Safe Step Act helped me see the power of advocacy. - Glenn Speer

I am so excited about the 2021 Capitol Hill Day because it gives us the opportunity to share our stories about how we are personally affected by psoriatic disease and how step therapy has affected those with psoriatic disease. - Mollie Carman

Participating in last year's virtual Capitol Hill Day made me realize even someone from rural Tennessee can make a difference by sharing their experience with psoriatic disease. - John Post

Brian Lehrschall

I advocate for those who cannot. There are so many people who are overwhelmed and do not know what to do. Advocacy can be a great outlet for expressing your hopes and dreams for the future. - Brian Lehrschall

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