Clinical Trials Testimonials

Deciding whether participating in a clinical trial may be right for you can be challenging. That’s when hearing what others like you have done can help.


"Participating in a clinical trial helped bring my psoriasis under control, which dramatically increased my quality of life. However, patients need to be aware that this is a trial [and it] won’t always work for them. My first clinical trial was stopped because of very negative side effects. The second trial worked very well. Patients should weigh their own specific needs and have a frank discussion with their doctor."

Bob K., Patient


"After years of trying lotions and potions, I was thrilled when my dermatologist asked me if I was interested in participating in a clinical trial. I was offered medication at no cost to me and constant monitoring. I am grateful that these types of trials are available – it helped me see past the illness and gave me hope for the first time in a long time."

Jennifer S., Patient


"I think clinical trials are a great way for my patients to get engaged (and make a little money, too) with what’s new and potentially very helpful in treating psoriasis. Some of the clinical trials I do have a chance for giving someone a placebo for a while, but others have two active medications (a potential new one and an older, already FDA-approved one). So, there is more of a chance of getting a beneficial medication from the beginning. And all clinical trials that involve new, not yet FDA-approved medications must be vetted and approved by the FDA before any person can enter into it."

Lawrence Green, M.D.


We are in the process of collecting stories from people who have participated in a clinical trial and health care providers who have conducted trials. Check back often to see what’s new and to hear what others have to say about why they participated, what it meant for them and its impact. If you have a story you’d like to share with others, email [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

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