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Frequently Asked Questions

Increasing the lifespan and health of individuals living with psoriatic disease through personalized cardiovascular disease prevention care.

For Patients Living with Psoriatic Disease

Who is eligible to participate in the study?

You may qualify if you:

• Have psoriasis treated by a dermatologist
• Are age 40-75 years old
• Have no known history of cardiovascular disease
• Are not currently on a prescription medication to treat cholesterol
• Are not currently pregnant or planning pregnancy in the next 6 months

Can patients with cardiovascular disease enroll in the study?

No. Because the study focuses on primary prevention, patients who already have cardiovascular disease are not eligible. In order to enroll, you must have no known history of cardiovascular disease (defined as myocardial infarction, stroke, coronary artery, cerebrovascular, or peripheral vascular disease).

How long does the study take?

You will be enrolled in the study for up to 6 months.

Will I be paid for participating?

Participants will receive payment of $25 for completion of surveys at the time of enrollment and, if relevant, prior to the second appointment with the care coordinator (maximum compensation $50).

What can I do if I cannot join the study?

Learn more about the relationship between psoriatic disease and cardiovascular disease and discover steps to take charge of your health.

For Study Sites

What do I need to do?

• Educate about CV risk in psoriasis
• Order lipid panel and HbA1c through insurance if not done within 90 days (or within 365 days if deemed not medically necessary to repeat)
• Review lab tests as standard of care
• Communicate to patients that they will be consented and receive an at-home blood pressure machine and patient guidebook from the coordinator
• Remind patients to follow up with care coordinator
• Document in medical record
• Review the summary letter from the care coordinator and take action as medically appropriate

What will my patients be asked to do?

• Learn about the study and consent with the research coordinator
• Complete surveys on their phone for $25/survey (up to $50)
• Complete routine blood work for cholesterol and HbA1c within 30 days
• Check blood pressure at home
• Meet virtually with a care coordinator if:

» 10-year CVD risk ≥ 5% OR
» SBP ≥ 140 OR
» LDL ≥ 160 OR
» Non-HDL ≥ 190 OR
» Non-calculable CVD risk

What are the study endpoints?

Primary endpoint: Change in LDL cholesterol, measured at 6 months among people with 10-year risk ≥5%.

Secondary endpoints:

• Improvement in disease severity and quality-of-life
• Behavior modification
• Patient satisfaction with care coordinator
• Management of cardiovascular risk factors

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