Key Research Initiatives

NPF has long recognized the importance of research to improve the lives of those living with psoriatic disease. The key research initiatives NPF is focused on include creation of a PsA diagnostic tool, prevention of psoriatic disease and related conditions, and patient-centered research efforts.

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The PsA Diagnostic Test Grant

We’ve made great strides in understanding and treating psoriatic arthritis, but the lack of a diagnostic test remains a challenge for medical professionals.

A diagnostic test will dramatically reduce the guesswork and long delays in reaching a diagnosis and beginning treatment – delays that can cause years of pain and irreparable joint damage. With the help of the global research community, we intend to make a PsA diagnostic test a reality.

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Psoriasis Prevention Initiative

Preventing the onset of disease, relapse or the related comorbidities would overcome many of the obstacles that continue to challenge patients, health care providers and significantly improve the lives of those affected by psoriatic disease.

PPI grants support projects from multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary teams with the goal of identifying an intervention that will prevent the onset of psoriatic disease, disease relapse or relevant comorbidities.

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Patient-Centered Research

Since its inception, patients have been at the center of NPF’s mission. This commitment to patients is displayed in our programs and platforms including:

Citizen Pscientist, a patient-powered research platform that provides real world data about individuals with psoriasis, and the Citizen Pscientist Psoriasis Diagnosis Validation Study, which aims to assess the accuracy of patient-reported, physician-given diagnoses of psoriasis.

NPF’s Annual Survey, which provides valuable insights into the lived experience of individuals with psoriasis, including quality of life and unmet needs.

With funding from the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute, NPF’s Research Ambassador program sought to train a group of experienced and knowledgeable individuals with psoriatic disease to help them engage researchers about the experience of patients with psoriasis to better align current research with the patient preferences and needs. 

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Impact of NPF-Funded Research

The NPF has awarded over $20 million in research funding in recent years. Discover how this funding has provided support to researchers, all with the goal of improving the lives of people with psoriatic disease. 

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