Men with Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects men and women at an equal rate but treating psoriasis as a man may take some extra considerations. You may be struggling with the stigma of having a visible skin condition. You may have questions about how your disease will affect dating and intimacy. You may even wonder how your psoriasis will affect your plans to start a family.

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Everyday Living

Psoriasis can impact much more than your health. Living with psoriasis can mean making changes to your daily routine. It may affect the clothes you choose to wear, how you shave, how you interact in the workplace or school, or even how well you sleep at night. Fortunately, many others who live with psoriasis have shared their tips on how they not only manage psoriasis but also thrive.

Emotional Well-being

Juggling a career, family and psoriasis is a difficult task for anybody – no matter the severity your disease. While sticking to a treatment plan that works for you is important, the other side of the equation is making sure that you are staying mentally healthy.

From developing a strong personal support system, to discussing your concerns with your health care providers, there are many ways to lessen the emotional burden that can come with psoriasis.

To learn more about how psoriatic disease can impact your life and tips on managing the mental stress of it, contact the Patient Navigation Center to request a free Emotional Impacts of Psoriatic Disease Fact Sheet.

Relationships and Sex

Starting a new relationship while living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis can be tricky. Having to explain your disease on a first date is not the ideal icebreaker when getting to know someone new.

To learn about treating your genital psoriasis and how to communicate with your partner about issues concerning intimacy and psoriasis, request a free Genital Psoriasis Quick Guide.

If you and your partner are thinking of having a baby, visit our Pregnancy and Breastfeeding page to learn more about treatments that are safe for men and women before conception.

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