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The National Psoriasis Foundation works with anyone who shares our commitment to improving the health and lifespan of our community.

United for a Cause

Serving you, the psoriatic disease community, is our driving mission. How do we do that most effectively?

One way is by partnering with others who care about the health of individuals living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Individuals living with psoriatic disease, loved ones, health care providers, researchers, specialty societies, health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, manufacturers, and other patient advocacy organizations are all potential partners for the NPF.

Depending on the issue we are working on, some of the partnerships are tailored efforts with one or two partners focused on a singular issue. One example of this is many years of collaboration with the American Academy of Dermatology around physician reimbursement for phototherapy to ensure phototherapy remains available to our community.

Many organizations do not think about health insurers as potential partners, but we do!

We have spent years talking to insurers one on one, through their trade associations, and as part of NPF’s annual advocacy roundtable series, about ways we can partner to share information with their members about living well with psoriatic disease so that they can better tailor their benefits for our community.

In other instances, we team up with many organizations to address a group of issues. Many individuals living with chronic diseases face the same challenges when it comes to accessing and affording therapies. Together with more than twenty organizations in the State Access to Innovative Medicines (SAIM) coalition we have passed legislation to address step therapy and out of pocket cost challenges in 30 states!

More recently we teamed up with a large group of organizations through the Partnership to Protect Coverage (PPC) coalition to offer our leadership for federal legislation to make telemedicine an option for our community and others well past the end of the pandemic.

Learn more about our advocacy efforts.

Not every partnership opportunity is right for us, but we welcome any organization to sit down with us and explore how we can team up to serve our community better. NPF always maintains control over the issues we work on and the tactics we pursue to serve you.

View our corporate partners.

We are proud of how these partnerships allow us to join forces with others that care about the psoriatic disease community and do more, with less!

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