PsA Action Month

Moving Forward Together 

It is time to put ourselves and our communities back together, piece by piece. 

This year has taken a toll on the social and familial bonds that play a large role in our health and happiness. Because of the systemic inflammatory nature of psoriatic disease, you are already at higher risk for comorbidities, including anxiety and depression, and the pandemic for so many of us has pushed our mental health to the brink. 

For some, psoriatic arthritis is an isolating disease. It can be difficult to get around or perform everyday life activities and job-related tasks. The pandemic has only made this more challenging. 

But there’s hope. There is a lot of hope. Every day more members of our households and communities are being vaccinated. Offices, schools, restaurants and day cares are reopening. Like the first flowers of spring, we are slowly blooming, testing the air, and lifting our faces to the sun. 

Change can be scary, even when it is positive. So what can we do to take small steps in the right direction, together? How do we safely and slowly put this past year behind us and refocus our attention on our health, happiness and goals? 

6 Small Things You Can Do Today (Or as Soon as You Feel Ready) 

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Screen for PsA

About 1 in 3 people with psoriasis will develop PsA. Screen regularly to give yourself the best chances of an early and accurate diagnosis. It only takes a couple minutes to answer these five questions, but those few minutes can save you a great deal of stress and possibly permanent joint damage.

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Small Movements are Key

If you are like so many others, you haven’t been getting out much and may even have become sedentary. Movement is good for your mental health and it’s recommended for managing joint pain from PsA.

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Move Without Pain

Psoriatic arthritis can make everyday tasks more challenging. Learn about assistive devices that can help you move, be more mobile and thrive with PsA. Get our new e-kit.

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Manage Your Disease: It’s About More than Skin and Joints

When you experience psoriasis or PsA, your body is experiencing systemic (body-wide) inflammation. Managing your disease means treating the symptoms you see and feel, as well as the invisible symptoms like inflammation, which put you at risk for comorbidities. 

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Set Goals

Making a commitment to yourself and sticking to it can give you a mental boost of confidence while your body gets the benefits of regular activity. Get started by joining our month-long event event, where you can commit to a simple activity and reap those benefits, all while raising funds to support research.

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Screen for Depression

May is also national Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s been a rough year, so check in with yourself and talk with a health care provider if necessary.

Inspired to Move

Managing Chronic Pain and Fatigue

The key to reducing pain is reducing inflammation.

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The Little Things Count

Small and gentle movement can help you manage symptoms of PsA.

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PsA in Kids and Teens

Psoriatic arthritis can strike at any age.

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You Can Change Lives

Your generous donation will help ensure that vital research and needed resources are available to improve the lives of those living with psoriatic disease.

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