How products earn the Seal of Recognition

To earn the National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition, a manufacturer provides an over-the-counter product, that has been created or are intended to be non-irritating and safe for people with psoriasis psoriatic arthritis and, or individuals living with severe sensitive skin or joint mobility limitations. The manufacture must submit testing results and samples that:

  • Provide scientific data showing that its product sufficiently and safely aids in the management of psoriasis, this may include: hydrating the skin, reducing redness or itch, managing plaques, among other symptoms;
  • Provide information that the product is non-irritating and contains no chemicals known to cause psoriasis irritation;
  • Provide test results that the product does no harm to the patient;
  • Provide confirmation the product can be used as an adjunct therapy along with prescription products;

A panel of five dermatology medical experts then reviews and evaluates the submitted product information, testing results and samples. The panel must agree unanimously that the product meets all the above criteria as well as relieves the symptoms of psoriasis.

Additionally, the products are given to five reviewers who have moderate to severe psoriasis to evaluate it for reduction of dry, red, itchy or flaky plaques as well as for its ease of use.