About NPF Advocacy

NPF’s team of experts have spent years guiding organizations through the complexities of politics at the local, state, and federal level. We know how to deploy the NPF’s resources most strategically to advance NPF’s mission. We recognize that the challenges of the U.S. health care system are not ours alone, and have proven that by strategically working in coalition we can enact policies which support the improved health outcomes for individuals across many chronic diseases. And, most importantly, we understand that our greatest strength lies in the ability to connect individuals living with psoriatic disease to those that set policy and make laws.

What We Do...

Over the NPF’s history, we have worked with experts at the NIH, CDC, and FDA to advance research into psoriatic disease and spur the approval of new therapies for individuals living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. We seek out partnerships with organizations interested in advancing the health outcomes of our community which have allowed us to build productive working relationships with non-traditional partners including health insurers and employers. We strongly believe that we should not talk about what it is like to live with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis unless we talk to people living with these diseases. In doing so, we have educated federal agencies and those who influence health care coverage policies about the challenges of living with psoriatic disease and the importance of bringing new therapies to the marketplace and ensuring that these treatments are truly accessible to patients.

How We Lead...

The NPF’s strategic plan drives all our efforts– including our approach to government relations and advocacy. Together with our medical board of more than 30 key opinion leaders, the team analyzes state and federal regulatory and legislative opportunities, develops position statements on agency activities and proposals, engages the NPF’s more than one-hundred thousand advocates, and works to eliminate access barriers through efforts with government, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, and employers. Working in coalition where possible, and leading on issues of greatest importance to individuals with psoriatic disease, our work falls in to three buckets:


At the core of our government relations and advocacy efforts is our work with the U.S. Congress and federal agencies. Major accomplishments include: securing congressional funding for the first-ever public health agenda for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis released by the CDC in 2013; organizing what’s now a model FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development for Psoriasis, to provide individuals with psoriasis a platform to share their perspectives on the impact of psoriasis on their everyday lives and how and why they make decisions about their treatment; successful annual Capitol Hill Fly Ins and twice-annual briefings on topics such as psoriasis and skin of color, the mental health impact of psoriatic disease, and the importance of early detection and treatment for psoriatic arthritis.


NPF’s state government relations platform works on a breadth of issues concerning access to care in the states. While strategic in our efforts to target states and issues ripe for success, we are also focused on elevating the patient and provider voice across the country on numerous issues that are on the forefront of health care policymakers’ agendas. This includes advocating for policy solutions to access to care issues such as step therapy and prior authorization, non-medical switching, out of pocket costs, biosimilar substitution, and legislation that seeks to limit access to patient assistance programs. These efforts are not limited to legislation.

Policy & Access Initiatives

The third leg of NPF’s government relations and advocacy stool, is our work to address health care challenges through policy change. The Foundation drives national health policy discussions on issues important to individuals with chronic disease including access challenges, patient preferences, and value frameworks. We have distinguished ourselves by employing unique and innovative approaches to our policy efforts in these areas. We are a leader in convening health care stakeholders from various sectors including health insurers, employers, and other patient advocacy communities to identify areas of common interest or ways we could better address the challenges our community faces. NPF has also led engagements with value modelers to ensure that value assessments of therapies in our space appropriately consider the needs and challenges of individuals living with psoriatic disease.