The work associated with helping patients access the biologic therapy their health care provider has prescribed is crucial to each patient’s psoriasis journey. Medical professionals who perform the access and fulfillment related work play an integral role within the specialty provider's office to help those with psoriasis access specialty prescriptions from their health plans.

By working collaboratively with the patient, prescribing specialist, specialty pharmacy, manufacturer and insurance company, you are critical in communicating with patients throughout the authorization process, obtaining up-to-date insurance information, completing forms and handling prior authorization, step therapy and denials.

To assist you and your patients in getting the appropriate care to treat their moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, this hub contains resources and best practices, while also highlighting the critical role of these experienced medical professionals.

Advisory panel

All content in this hub has been reviewed by an advisory panel, consisting of medical professionals from diverse backgrounds and practices:

Emily Elliott, RN
Mid-South Dermatology, Bartlett, TN

Katrina Kirby, Biologic Coordinator, CPht
Rheumatology Care Center, Calera, AL

Julia Lassen
Three Rivers Dermatology, Fort Wayne, IN

Toby Thomas, PharmD, BCPS
Penn Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

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