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Tune in to this featured playlist curated with media items for youth and parents.

The topics provided in this watch and listen playlist are relevant to the management of youth with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. We hope you’ll find the webinars and podcast episodes listed informative and helpful.


A mom and daughter sit on a couch and smile in a living room.

Transitions in Care for Youth with Psoriasis

Featuring pediatric dermatologist Dr. Adelaide Hebert. As children age, responsibilities in caring for psoriatic disease change too. Hear when transitions in care are appropriate and what factors influence change in responsibilities and management of psoriatic disease.

November 2020

Two parents giving their kids piggyback rides outside.

AAD NPF Guidelines of Care for the Management & Treatment of Psoriasis in Pediatric Patients

Presented by pediatric dermatologist Dr. Kelly M. Cordoro who presents the latest information about risk of concurrent health conditions and available treatments for youth.

May 2020

A doctor and child patient bump elbows and smile in a clinic.

Expanding Treatment Options for Youth with Psoriasis

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. James Treat presents the latest updates for current and upcoming treatments for youth with psoriatic disease.

December 2021

Your Child & Psoriatic Arthritis

With Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Meredith Riebschleger. If your child is newly diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis then this webinar is for you! Listen as Dr. Riebschleger presents the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of psoriatic arthritis in youth.

July 2020

A group of teens in a library.

Life on Your Own for Teens & Parents

With One to One mentor and young adult Melissa Leeolou who knows what it means to live with psoriatic disease as a teen. Hear her tips on finding a care team, dealing with treatment needs, health insurance coverage and personal relationships.

January 2019

Children huddled in a group smiling

Back to School: Coping with Psoriatic Disease

Watch this webinar featuring child psychologist Dr. Rachel Piszczor who offers tips and strategies to help your child feel empowered to overcome feelings associated with having psoriatic disease and challenges related to school and beyond.

October 2018

Group of young kids on their way to school.

Understanding Education Law & How it Applies to Your Child With Psoriatic Disease

Taylor Richman, Ph.D., J.D. who specializes in education law, school administrator Michele Harmala, Ph.D., and parent Jaime Moy discuss what and how federal education laws (such as a 504 plan) apply to your child with psoriatic disease. Includes when and how to implement a 504 plan and tips for working with school staff.

October 2018

Podcast Episodes

Up close photo of two men's faces side by side.

What’s Your Type of Psoriasis?

Hear dermatologist Dr. G. Michael Lewitt discuss the five types of psoriasis including symptoms, locations and treatment options. Perfect for those who are newly diagnosed!

Clearing Drop Like Psoriasis Plaques

Dermatologist Dr. Steven Feldman describes the prevalence of Guttate Psoriasis, triggers such as strep infection, and potential treatment options.

Psoriasis Treatment and Research Update for Pediatric Care

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Amy Paller addresses the use of biologics in youth along with her research in risk factors for cardiovascular disease and a novel approach to topicals via targeted gene suppression.

A doctor listens to the heart of an infant in the arms of a parent.

Join the Excitement: Pediatric Psoriasis Management Guidelines are Here

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Lara Wine Lee presents an overview of the AAD NPF Management and Treatment of Pediatric Psoriasis Guidelines (the first of its kind) from the link to strep infection to treatment options.

All in the Family: Why We Volunteer for NPF

Kathleen Browning and Thomas Dvorak share why they volunteer as a family and what they do (and you can too) to help the National Psoriasis Foundation reach its mission.

Zack Harrison  and his mom enjoying the outdoors.

Psoriasis is Just Part of Who I Am

Eddee and Zack Harrison tell a moving story about where it all started, how they live with psoriasis and what they do to help find a cure for psoriatic disease.

Managing Stress and Psoriasis in a Pandemic

Licensed Professional Counselor Mary Maraventano Stried offers tips for managing stress and coping with day-to-day demands that impact family members and other relationships.

Photo collage of NPF Youth Ambassadors.

Volunteers Teaming Up to Raise Awareness About Psoriatic Disease

Listen as Sam & Jensen tell their story about being diagnosed, living and coping with psoriatic disease, and why they are NPF Youth Ambassadors!

A boy sits outside of school after being bullied.

Recognition of Bullying Starts With You

Psychologist Dr. Catherine Sanderson addresses bullying that impacts youth and adults from types of behaviors, the bystander effect, and what actions can defuse bullying and build allies for a more positive environment.

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