Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

Patients diagnosed with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis often have many questions related to psoriatic arthritis. This list of frequently asked questions from patients will prepare you for what to expect.   

  1. What are my treatment options?
  2. How do I know if I have psoriatic arthritis?
  3. Is there a cure?
  4. Will I need treatment forever?
  5. Can you stop my joints from deteriorating?
  6. The pain I can handle, it is the fatigue that really gets me. Can treatment help that?
  7. The pain I can handle, it is the mental fog that really gets me. Can treatment help that?
  8. What are the chances that my children will get psoriatic arthritis?
  9. How can I tell the difference between what psoriatic arthritis is doing and what osteoarthritis is doing?
  10. How can I tell if back pain is caused by psoriatic arthritis and not plain old back pain?
  11. Can I get routine vaccinations while on treatment?
  12. Besides treatment, what can I do to help psoriatic arthritis? Diet? Supplements?
  13. Will losing weight help psoriatic arthritis?
  14. Will exercise help or hurt me?  What is the best kind of exercise to do?
  15. My sleep sucks. What can I do to improve this?
  16. Can I visit my grandkids if they have a cold?
  17. Will having psoriatic arthritis affect how long I live?
  18. How do I know if I'm developing psoriatic arthritis? What should I be looking for?

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