National Psoriasis Foundation Fellowships Program

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The National Psoriasis Foundation Fellowship Program aims to increase the number of clinician-scientists focused on studying and treating psoriatic disease and related conditions.  The foundation offers Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowships. 

Please see our FAQ section below if you have questions about our Fellowships. 


Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowships NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) is pleased to announce the availability of the Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowships program for the academic year 2019-20.  The program provides support to eligible institutions to develop and enhance the opportunities for physicians training for research careers in academic dermatology, rheumatology, pediatric dermatology, and pediatric rheumatology.  Priority consideration will be given to applications that advance psoriatic disease research.  For more information, please see the RFP, Guidelines, and Budget Template below.  To apply, please go to the application portal listed in the links below. 


2019 NPF Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowship RFP

2019 NPF Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowship Application Guidelines

2019 NPF Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowship Budget Template

2019 NPF Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowship Application Portal

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following partners in making the NPF 2018 Psoriatic Disease Research Fellowship Program possible: Abbvie, Amgen, and Eli Lilly. 


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For more information about the NPF Fellowship Program, send an email to [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

The RFPs above include specific eligibility information, application deadlines, and descriptions for each fellowship opportunity.


Information for Applicants

1. Am I eligible to apply for a NPF fellowship? 

A:  Please read the eligibility requirements on the RFPs above.  Foreign applicants and applicants ARE eligible to apply.


2. I am having trouble figuring out how to apply for a fellowship. Where do I find application instructions?

A: A link to application instructions is listed under the fellowship description and can also be found on the log-in screen of the application portal.


3. What are the important dates and deadlines for the NPF fellowships?

A:  For the current cycle, fellowship applications are due Friday, January 18, 2019 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

NPF will notify you about a decision on your application on or before April 12, 2019.

July 1, 2019 will be the project start date. 


4. Can I apply for your fellowships if I am not a citizen of the United States?

A: Yes, non-US citizens are eligible to apply.  Research can take place at institutions outside the United States.


5. Can I resubmit an application from a previous year?

A: Yes.  If you are resubmitting a previous application, you will have the opportunity to identify as a resubmission on the application form and address last year's reviewer comments in a cover letter.


6. Why is my file not uploading in the application form?

A: The online application form only accepts files in PDF format, so make sure all your files are saved as a PDF before uploading.  If you are trying to upload your project proposal, it must be less than 20 MB and be in PDF format.  If you are trying to upload any other document, it must be less than 5 MB and be in PDF format.

If your file is larger than the maximum size accepted, you must condense the file before uploading.  If you continue to experience issues, please notify [email protected] with your issue. 


7. Can I use NPF research funds to cover indirect or overhead expenses?

A: No. NPF funds can only be used to cover direct project expenses.  Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions related to your budget.


Information for Current Fellows

1. What needs to be included in my final progress report?

​A: Final progress reports must include the following:

  1. A summary of the work performed and progress made.
  2. A detailed itemized report of all project expenditures.
  3. A description of any deviations from the original project proposal with justifications for these deviations.
  4. A complete list of abstracts or manuscripts submitted or published based upon results of this project.
  5. A detailed description of any intellectual property that was generated using NPF research support.


2. Is it possible to extend the project period? 
A: It may be possible to be granted a no cost extension to the project period if the grantee will have a remaining unexpended balance and a circumstance arises that prohibits the completion of the project by the expiration date. No cost extension requests must be submitted using this form.  Please email the form to [email protected] no fewer than 30 days prior to the expiration date.


3. What kind of follow up can I expect from NPF during and after my fellowship period?

A: During the project period NPF may contact you for project updates, site visits, interviews, or other activities related to research communications, donor relations, advertising, and other media or special events.  Following the project period, NPF may contact you in approximately 5 years for purposes of research program assessment.     


If you have further questions, please email [email protected]. Thank you!