The Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Project

We proudly present two films about psoriatic arthritis

In 2017, NPF and Novartis Pharmaceuticals solicited ideas from our community to help us make two videos about life with PsA. We teamed up with a community of filmmakers called Tongal to create the videos that would highlight the challenges of living with PsA, help patients recognize that they are not alone and underscore the importance of working with your health care provider to get the best possible care.

Now the stories of two individuals living with PsA have come to life. The stars of these films have overcome challenges and taken charge of their health.

Shirley Wallace’s story (film by LampLit Productions)
“I have had PsA for 31 years. I made my father a promise when I was young that I would beat this disability. Doctors said I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 21. I am now 46 and mobile. PsA is no match for my perseverance.”

Jennifer Pellegrin’s story (film by McCoy | Meyer)
“My father has always been my hero. My dad was a volunteer fireman until he eventually developed PsA. He went from being a volunteer fireman, running in to rescue others, to not being able to walk or enjoy the simple things, yet he is on the road to enjoying life again!”

Finding the stars
Individuals were invited to share ideas that explain what life is like with PsA. You didn’t need to have PsA to submit an idea — we also welcomed submissions from friends, caregivers or family members of someone living with PsA.

Selecting the winners
A panel of judges made up of NPF representatives, health care providers and those living with PsA selected the four finalists. The top ideas were then posted to NPF’s website where almost 400 of you voted on your two favorites.

Making the movies
The two ideas with the most public support were then sent out to the Tongal community of filmmakers, where the community members took the ideas and ran!

Getting the word out

Millions of people in this country have PsA. Millions more have psoriasis and may someday develop PsA. That’s why Shirley’s and Jennifer’s stories deserve the widest possible audience.

Don’t forget to share the videos on Facebook, Twitter and more! And if you or someone you know wants to live a healthier life with PsA, contact the Patient Navigation Center for free, personalized assistance.

Diet and Psoriatic Disease quick guide

Live a healthier you with NPF’s free guide containing tips on maintaining a healthy diet and easy-to-follow recipes by others with psoriatic disease. Request yours today.

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