Remembering Robert Ginsberg, an early friend of NPF

| Gail Zimmerman

Robert Ginsberg was a man of firsts when it came to the National Psoriasis Foundation. His hope to improve the lives of people with psoriasis led him to join the NPF board of trustees (today's board of directors) in 1988, putting him among the first, as a resident of New York City, to expand board leadership beyond the Portland, Oregon, area, where the organization was founded in 1967.

As a volunteer, he wanted to help us build our voice. As a donor, he hoped to change the future. With his donations, he helped NPF take the first step toward creating a research strategy. Bob’s support helped us hold the first research discussions with national and international scientists to map out a role for NPF in generating breakthroughs in psoriasis research – which, at that time, suffered from lack of momentum and resources.

Bob, who had psoriasis, knew the challenges it presented and cared deeply about the suffering it caused, especially for children. As a result, he and his wife, Adrienne, could always be counted on to support fundraising events around the country and to solicit support for NPF from his investment firm, his friends and other members of the psoriasis community.

Bob was always available to NPF board members and staff. He was joyful, caring and kind. He will be greatly missed, and his memory will always be honored for his contributions that made NPF what it is today. We all hope to leave a legacy of making life better for our family, our friends or our community. Bob’s legacy has embraced all three. Thank you, Bob!

Robert Charles Ginsberg, born in New York and a lifetime New Yorker, passed away at his adopted home in Boca Raton, Florida, on June 11, 2019.

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Photo: Left to right, Bob Ginsberg, Bob Becker, Gail Zimmerman, Seth Wohlberg, Marty Wolfberg.

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