Who will be the 2019 NPF Outstanding Volunteer Leader?

| Steve Bieler
What Tami Seretti lacks in mobility, she makes up for in ingenuity. 
Seretti, who has lived in the Pittsburgh area most of her life, got involved with NPF in 2016 when she found out that we were sending a group of patient advocates to meet with the Food and Drug Administration. The event was the FDA’s first-ever patient-focused drug development meeting on psoriasis. She signed up to be part of the team. That meeting “changed my life,” she says. “I found my passion.” 
The following year, Seretti decided to put on a do-it-yourself fundraiser. But what kind of fundraiser should she put on? “My cycling days are over and I’m not good at walking anymore,” says Seretti, who has had psoriasis for more than 20 years and psoriatic arthritis for more than 10. “But I have a husband in a band! I knew nothing about fundraising, but I knew bands.”
Tipping the Scales on Psoriasis debuted that year with four bands, games of chance, and food for purchase. “My husband was in all four bands at one time or another,” she says. 
This inaugural event taught Seretti some valuable lessons: 
  1. Four bands is too many. People wanted more time to socialize and play games.
  2. Old-school promotions, like a poster in a shop window, still work.
  3. Local cultural groups and sports team are happy to donate free nights, free games and free shows to charity fundraisers.
  4. Never try to run a charity fundraiser all by yourself.
Seretti repeated Tipping the Scales on Psoriasis in 2018 and 2019 with two bands and more time for people to play bingo and hang out. After three years, the event has attracted hundreds of people and raised approximately $15,000 total.
Seretti has also become an NPF Community Ambassador and a Psoriasis One to One mentor. Volunteering for the psoriatic disease community is her passion. If you’re thinking of putting on your own DIY fundraiser, get in touch with Team NPF. We can help. That’s our passion.
November 2019 update
The results of the balloting are in: Tami Seretti is our new Outstanding Volunteer Leader. Congratulations to her and to her worthy colleagues and competitors, Carol Selby and Matt Mercier.
Photo: NPF Board of Directors member Pete Miller, DIY Award Winner Tami Seretti and NPF President and CEO Randy Beranek, National Volunteer Conference, Chicago, 2017.

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