Welcome to the world's first help center for psoriasis

| Kathryn Jones

Sometimes you just need someone who has your back. That's one of the reasons we created the Patient Navigation Center - the world's first support center for people living with psoriasis. 

Whether you’ve been newly diagnosed or have lived with your condition for years, the National Psoriasis Foundation is here to help.

Our Patient Navigation Center is manned by a specially trained staff of Patient Navigators who can help you at home by answering your questions via phone, text, email, instant message and video conference.

They’ll chat with you about your symptoms and treatment options, connect you to health care providers, help you prepare for medical appointments, assist you in obtaining prescribed treatments and negotiating your medical bills, discuss financial assistance options, walk you through the health care enrollment process and provide wellness coaching and emotional support. 

“We get plenty of calls and messages from people with everyday concerns,” said NPF Patient Navigator Sara Conyers. “They may ask about a drug company’s financial assistance program, or about how to negotiate a medical bill or how to get into a clinical trial near them. We help them find doctors who really get it about psoriatic disease. We can explain about comorbidities – the diseases related to psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis – and give them ideas for how to live better and healthier.” 

Here are some of the ways we can assist you: 

  • Teach you all about psoriatic disease.

We’ll answer your questions on treatment options, managing symptoms and understanding the impact of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis on the body. We’ll give you all the materials you need on a range of topics relating to disease management and help non-English speakers access translation services.

  • Help you get optimal care.

We’ll work with you to determine your desired treatment outcomes, help you prepare for medical appointments and provide the tools you need to track symptoms for doctor evaluation. We can also connect you to resources for managing comorbid conditions such as cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes.

  • Guide you through the insurance process.

We’ll educate you on your insurance options, help you enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace, assist you in appealing denied claims and explain some of the more complicated paperwork.

  • Do everything we can to assist you financially.

Our advocates can connect you to manufacturer co-pay assistance programs, find options for the uninsured and underinsured, negotiate medical bills, help you identify the cost of co-payments for your doctor-prescribed treatments and provide referrals for open clinical trials.

  • Connect you to people who can provide emotional support.

We care about you and want you to know that you’re not alone in this. Through our One-to-One mentorship program, our staff can connect you with NPF volunteers who have completed special training to provide emotional support and wellness coaching.

Here is what we cannot do for you: 

  • Take the place of your doctor.

The Patient Navigation Center will not provide any diagnosis or medical services. We are not a substitute for the consultation and care of medical health professionals. The services we provide are intended to be used in conjunction with the care provided by your doctor. 

Now then, are you ready for the National Psoriasis Foundation to help guide you on your journey to wellness? Access our Patient Navigation Center here.

Driving discovery, creating community

For more than 50 years, we’ve been driving efforts to cure psoriatic disease and improve the lives of those affected. But there’s still plenty to do! Learn how you can help our advocacy team shape the laws and policies that affect people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis – in your state and across the country. Help us raise funds to support research by joining Team NPF, where you can walk, run, cycle, play bingo or create your own fundraising event. If you or someone you love needs free, personalized support for living a healthier life with psoriatic disease, contact our Patient Navigation Center. And keep the National Psoriasis Foundation going strong by making a donation today. Together, we will find a cure.

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