National Psoriasis Foundation

LeAnn goes to Washington

The popular singer talks about her lifelong struggle with psoriasis

Popular country icon LeAnn Rimes surprised and inspired thousands of fans last year when she publicly shared her story about her lifelong struggle with painful and visible psoriasis (November-December 2008 Psoriasis Advance). Now the gifted artist is getting the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

On March 11, Rimes was in Washington D.C., where she met with more than a dozen high-ranking members of Congress. On behalf of the National Psoriasis Foundation, she asked these influential policymakers to allocate more federal funding for research and to grant $1.5 million to the Center for Disease Control for a psoriasis patient registry. She also educated lawmakers on the impact psoriasis has on the individual.

Rimes, 26, has lived with psoriasis since she was 2 and, at one point, lesions covered 80 percent of her body. She has since found an effective treatment. Now, she says, "I want to help find a cure so other people, especially children, don’t have to experience the pain and humiliation psoriasis can cause."

Rimes is national spokeswoman for the "Stop Hiding from Psoriasis" campaign, encouraging people with psoriasis to talk with their dermatologist about the impact of their disease.

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