Access to Care Statement

The Access to Care Statement was first drafted by our medical board in 2014. It serves the purpose of defining NPF’s “lane” for navigating our advocacy efforts and helps us to prioritize what actions we take by assessing which will have the highest impact on the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis community. Recently, NPF staff found that several emerging areas of interest to the advocacy team were slightly outside the scope of the original access to care statement based on the language as written. To begin the process of expanding our lane, edits were drafted, submitted and approved by the medical board in October of 2018.

Guided by the Access to Care Statement, NPF advocacy works to expand access to care for the psoriatic disease community. Specifically, the NPF:

  • Supports patient and provider friendly guardrails on step therapy, or fail first policies, and the tiering of biologics and novel therapies to ensure patients have timely access to the most medically appropriate treatment.
  • Supports reigning in and limiting the maximum co-insurance and out of pocket expenses for patients to enable patients to have real access to affordable medications.
  • Opposes unnecessary and restrictive bureaucratic barriers to federal and state programs that provide health care to vulnerable individuals and their caregivers.
  • Opposes policies that intentionally discriminate based on psoriatic disease status or individual characteristics.

Read the full Access to Care Statement to learn about all our policy priorities.

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