Advocacy Action Networks

Are you looking for a way to take your involvement with NPF advocacy to the next level? Do you want to meet fellow advocates in your region and stay up to date on NPF advocacy activities? Join an Advocacy Action Network (AAN) in your region.

Since the inception of our action networks, the AAN focus has been on fostering a strong advocate community. Through monthly calls, newsletters, and in-person advocacy activities, AAN members have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to NPF’s advocacy activities in their own backyards.

As an AAN member, you will receive training about NPF’s policy initiatives, learn about legislative activities in your region, and take steps to support and grow the NPF’s advocacy efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many AANs are there?

There are three AANs that correspond to the regions in the map above. Each AAN is run by a State Government Relations Manager and has two co-chairs.

Do I have to be a policy expert or have a background in policy to join my region’s AAN?

No! All you need is a willingness to share your story about psoriatic disease and an interest in learning about and supporting NPF’s advocacy activities in your area.

Does it cost money to join an AAN?

No! AAN members are NPF volunteers and the meetings, newsletters, and other educational resources distributed to the network are free.

What happens on monthly AAN calls?

Monthly calls are an opportunity for AAN members to update each other about activities in their state. NPF State Government Relations Managers also provide an update on NPF’s state work as well as federal updates. Joining these monthly calls gives AAN members a chance to learn from each other and NPF staff about NPF activities, policies that impact the psoriatic disease community, and how advocacy can impact these policy decisions. Calls also feature presentations by other NPF staff to keep AAN members up-to-date on projects across NPF.

What is required of me if I join an AAN?

If you’re interested in becoming an AAN member, your region’s NPF State Government Relations Manager will set up a phone call with you to discuss your interests and participation in your regional AAN.

Thank you for your interest in joining an Advocacy Action Network (AAN)! Please fill out the below form and your regional NPF staff will contact your shortly.

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