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How to get a proclamation

How to get a government proclamation to raise awareness about psoriasis

A proclamation is a formal announcement made by a local government on a topic important to members of that community. Asking your government to issue a proclamation is a great way to raise awareness about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis in your area and beyond.

Here's how to get started:

1. Identify who handles proclamations in your local city or county government offices by looking on city and county Web sites, checking the government pages in the phone book, or by calling the office.

2. When calling the proclamations office be prepared to provide information about the impact of psoriasis on people in your area. Be sure to ask the person on the phone:
   a. What is the process to get a proclamation? 
   b. Do they want you to draft of the proclamation or to do it themselves with information your provide? 
   c. How would they like to receive the proclamation text: hard copy, an electronic version or both?

3. When submitting the required documents to the proclamation office remember to include the following.
   a. A cover letter with: 
      1. Some facts about psoriasis
      2. Date and theme of the proposed proclamation
      3. Your contact information 
   b. A draft of the proposed proclamation.

4. Mail and/or hand deliver your cover letter and draft proclamation to the office. If you've not heard back from the office after a week, follow up on the status of the proclamation by phone and/or email.

5. Once the proclamation is signed, go to the office and pick it up. While you are there, be sure to personally thank the staff member who helped you.

6. Draft a thank you letter to the official who signed the proclamation. Here's a template to help you get started.

The National Psoriasis Foundation is here to help you every step of the way. For help securing a proclamation with your local government please contact Sara Kofman by phone, 1.800.723.9166 or by e-mail,