Attend a town hall meeting

For psoriasis advocates, the town hall meeting is a great way to educate your senator or representative about impact of psoriasis and the need for increased funding for research and access to treatments. Open to all in the community, a town hall meeting provides constituents with the opportunity to ask questions, voice their concerns and hear updates from their elected officials.

Participating in a town hall meeting is easy. Just follow these steps!

  1. Step 1. Contact the local district offices of your elected officials to get the dates and times of any upcoming town hall meetings.
  2. Step 2. Check out the Advocacy Toolkit and get prepared for the meeting. 
  3. Step 3. Attend the meeting. Upon arriving at the town hall meeting, check to see what the procedure is for the meeting. Typically, there is a sign-up sheet for individuals wanting to ask questions. When called on, ask your member of Congress if her or she is willing to support the psoriasis community by supporting legislation to increase funding for psoriasis research and improved access to treatments.
  4. Step 4. Follow up and keep at it! The key to advocacy is persistence. After the town hall, be sure to send a follow up letter regarding your questions from the meeting. 
  5. Step 5. Tell us about it! Let us know what happened during your town hall meeting. It's important we get this information so we can better work with your legislator to gain support for psoriasis-related efforts in Congress.