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High out-of-pocket costs force many patients to stop taking their medications. They simply cannot afford them. Without treatment, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients risk serious health complications.

Alarmed by this trend, the National Psoriasis Foundation cannot stand by as important medications are not available to the people who need them the most. Current issues include:

Unfair insurance practices

More often, insurers are creating a "specialty tier" for expensive biologics requiring patients to pay a percentage of the cost of expensive drugs. This happens more with chronic diseases such as psoriasis because the disease is life-long and insurers continue to shift more and more of the costs to patients.

Health care reform

The entire nation is debating health care. Who regulates it, what diseases and type of care to cover, and how to make health care affordable are all at the core of the conversation. These decisions are being made in your backyard at the commissions, boards and health care agencies working to determine what health care will look like around the nation.

Make sure that your health care priorities are heard!

Join us, get into the conversation, and help improve access to care for people like you.

"I'm a psoriasis advocate because
it feels good to be productive by
building relationships with my elected official in my hometown. It feels great
to be part of a larger cause
— Advocate Cristy B., San Diego, California

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Ways to Take Action

High Drug Costs

Fair access to affordable medication is what people with psoriatic disease need. Policymakers won't know unless we tell them how high drug cost affect you.

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Unfair Insurance Practices

Insurers create a "specialty tier" for expensive biologics. This practice creates serious financial hardship.

How specialty tiering could affect you

Health Care Reform

As states discuss health care reform, there will be changes to come that will shape how you can access the treatments you need.

How specialty tiering could affect you